American College of  Hypnotherapy

Professional Hypnotist

Home Study Diploma Program

A Professional training course in the use of Hypnosis for ...

Part One

HYP. 600 Basic Hypnosis

The College will provide a set of audio cassette tapes and an illustrated manual.   The tapes and manual contain all of the material presented at the College's 20 hour intensive weekend seminars. Tape set may be purchased without enrolling in the diploma program.


Introduction to hypnosis
Conscious and subconscious
Self-Hypnosis, Achieving it and teaching it
Suggestibility Evaluations
The five count awakening
Deepening techniques
Semantics, Laws of suggestion
Imagery conditioning
Uncovering techniques

Course details
Conditioned response
The pre induction talk
Precautions in dehypnotizing, Abreactions
Induction methods
Formulation suggestions
Measuring trance depth
Analgesia, Anesthesia

Part two

Directed Independent Study Courses (seven required).

All study courses require a specific textbook.  Written responses to the course instructions are required.  Please select five courses from the following list.

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HYP 605  Hypnosis induction techniques
HYP 621  Clinical hypnotherapy
HYP 634  Behavior therapy and hypnosis
HYP 639  Hypnosis in pain relief
HYP 645  Issues in clinical hypnosis
HYP 649  Hypnosis with children
HYP 650  Hypnosis:  Sex therapy
HYP 657  Hypnosis in criminal investigation
HYP 660  Forensic hypnosis
HYP 671  Hypnosis, treatment of depression

And any two of the following

CH 543  Human communication
CH 601  Behavior modification
CH 631  Holistic approach to stress
CH 644  Counseling practices
PSY 612  Abnormal psychology

Part three

HYP 670 Experience requirement

Students are required to log at least 40 hours of experience using hypnosis during the time they are enrolled with the College.  Written instructions and log forms will be provided.

Part four

HYP 689 Final Project

A final written project is also required.  Prior to the completion of the course work, the student will submit a proposal for the final project.  The project could be a Research paper covering a specific use of hypnosis or perhaps a case report.  Upon acceptance of the proposal the student may proceed with the project.

Upon satisfactory completion of the above program, a HYPNOTHERAPIST diploma will be awarded.  Students may request an official transcript upon graduation.



(text books and postage are not included in tuition)
(additional copies $5.00 each)
(includes illustrated student manual)

$25.00 (non-refundable)
$1,250.00 (U.S. Funds)




The college recognizes that, in some cases, a need for installment payments of tuition exists.  Therefore, the student may (after making the down payment) pay the remaining tuition in monthly installments.  The minimum down payment is $400.00.  The College does not charge an annual percentage rate on the tuition balance.

NOTE:  A monthly administrative fee of $5.00 will be charged to the student's account when there is an outstanding balance.  Payments can be made via VISA, Mastercharge or Discover card.

For further information, an enrollment application or to order the HYP 600 tape set, write to:

2200 Veterans Blvd.
Kenner LA.70062-4005


Upon graduation the student is eligible to register with the American Guild of Hypnotherapists.  Registration with the Guild allows for the use of the initials R.H. signifying REGISTERED HYPNOTHERAPIST.  Persons registering with the Guild receive a Certificate of Registration, I.D. card, Guild decals.

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